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“We want the best steak on the (consumer’s) table. That’s what we hope we can do with CAB. With each bite they take, there’s a lot of work and a lot of love, because it doesn’t just happen. The animals are just like people, just like raising a kid. You’ve got to take care of them.”

Janyce Hinkle

HPCA joins the Angus Conversation

Hinkle family posing on gravel road

Precious Memories Photography by: Sara Brown

Hinkle’s Prime Cut Angus is a perfect example of the old cautionary statement, “don’t quit your day job.” We didn’t heed that advice. After getting our feet wet in the cattle business, we left the security of a salary and committed ourselves to the production of registered Angus seedstock.

This endeavor has provided our family the opportunity to make sure every day was a teaching experience for our two children, Trevor and Courtney, now young adults with families of their own. The decision to commit our time, energy and resources to the production of beef was not made hastily. Today, that commitment is even stronger. Those of us engaged in the seedstock business have a responsibility to provide a product to our customers with intrinsic value throughout the food chain.

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“We’re proud to work for the brand as the 2018 CAB Progressive Partner Award winner!”

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