Jeremy Zoglmann

One calf at a time.

“Our cattle have graded very well, but I believe there’s still room for improvement. I’d like to increase our percent Prime. Over the last five years, our cattle have graded 98% Choice or better and 20% Prime. I would like to improve that, and I think it can be done. We’re slowly climbing every year, about 3-4%.”

Jeremy Zoglmann • HPCA Customer and Cow-Calf Producer Retaining Ownership • Milo, Missouri

HPCA Genetics Fit a Value-Added Supply Chain

HPCA is constantly in contact with many of our customers who are successful in capturing additional value at multiple endpoints. The willingness of our customers to share economic data on their calf crops has been extremely productive for HPCA. Closeout summaries from our customers retaining ownership are the ultimate report card on our efforts as a seedstock supplier. Customers selling a load of uniform, heavy calves at weaning and topping a sale, and sharing the data, all help make the HPCA team better at their job.

Not all feedyards are suited to feed high-performing, value-added Angus cattle. These feedyards have proven track records helping HPCA retained ownership clients capture more value by capitalizing on inherent genetics and best practice cattle feeding.

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