The cattle business, simplistically, is a perpetual movement of highs and lows. During the highs, our industry’s news cycle boasts of profits. When the high begins to move downward, the news shifts to the “Chicken Little”, the sky is falling syndrome as if we have no control over either the high or the low. Often, we have limited control over either. As beef producers, we navigate a very complex industry. By using the available tools, proven, high accuracy AI sires, and a disciplined breeding program, Angus seedstock producers have extraordinary opportunity to moderate risk on the downside of the business cycle and maximize the upside market.

A seedstock producer’s reputation as a trusted partner with a customer is a priceless asset. Trust is earned over time. The Hinkle’s Prime Cut 13th Annual Production Sale set new benchmarks for attendance and earnings. One hundred fifty buyers from 27 states made purchases in a fast paced auction that was completed in a record two hours. As the gavel fell on the final lot, buyers began loading purchases that grossed $1,484,948.00.

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Mike Rummel, Rock Creek Land & Cattle, Plano, Ill., purchased an outstanding open heifer with his purchase of Lot 164, HPCA Fruition A14, for $8,000. Not only did Rummel purchase an outstanding young heifer, but 100% of the proceeds from his purchase will be donated to the Nevada FFA Livestock Judging Team as they earn money to fund their trip to the International Judging Contest in Scotland. The team will travel in June to compete against the best teams around the world.

Pictured, left to right, is Payton Dahmer (senior), Skyler Scotten (junior), Kaylee Farmer (junior) and Cara Comstock (senior) along with Mike Rummel of Rock Creek Land & Cattle.

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